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What makes a good book?

Posted by Virginia Frazier on September 8, 2010 at 7:40 PM

I recently visited a literary club website and saw this question:  "What makes a good book?"  Now, I'm sure there are differing opinions- just ask what my husband likes, and I'll tell you the exact opposite, or vice versa-but I would think an answer that would be somewhat universally accepted would be that the book has to be entertaining.  Why else read it?

I've read some books that are categorized as "classics" and after several chapters, you'd most likely find me fast asleep with the book barely still in my hand.  Some people might think a good book must include an extensive vocabulary, but let me tell you that often times, that extensive vocabulary will leave me searching for words in the dictionary instead of  focusing on what the author had to say.  Lately, I've found that shock value will grab most readers (movies/television shows have been doing this lately's almost as if I feel like I'm watching a competition among networks for who can provide the "most shocking series"). 

When all is said and done, what makes a good book is a great storyline, a great plot, and interesting characters.  Books that usually grab my attention (with the exception of the book's cover) are humorous, suspenseful, characters that you can both love and hate with a passion, and after I'm finished reading it, I feel like I want more.   



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