Author Virginia Frazier

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  • Sixteen-year-old Joy Wright is far from naive, but more inexperienced than most girls her age. She has never been kissed, nor felt the throes of young love. After Joy's middle-aged father suffers a fatal heart attack, she and her mother move to Wavering, Illinois, in hopes of rekindling some form of a relationship with the grandparents who disowned her mother two decades ago. In this small country town of six thousand, Joy learns to embrace the changes that come with womanhood, discovers that she bears a striking resemblance to a murdered woman, and meets Alec, a mysterious boy from school, whose own family life will become entangled with hers in ways she never imagined possible. Only Joy's instincts can save her from a fate worse than death. ISBN-10: 1453724753 Show More Show Less

  • Victoria thinks she has it all-beauty, intelligence, and loving parents who equipped her with the tools necessary to make it in life-until a series of painful events turn her life upside down, making her an easy target for a covert government agency that has been searching for someone with her special skills. The Air Force Academy graduate separates from the military and returns home to Chicago, only to be blackmailed into accepting a job with life-altering consequences-on the table: her father's freedom and reputation in exchange for her services as a contract killer. Only her proficiency with weapons and uncanny survival instincts will be enough to overcome the perilous missions that lie ahead. It is with her spotter, Marcello Ferrari-former Navy SEAL, Italian heartthrob, and the man whom she entrusts with her life-that she must assassinate a series of high profile and increasingly dangerous marks, before her cover as a professional dancer is blown and the safety of her family and friends are threatened. As if her perilous new career and the associated psychological strain weren't enough, Victoria will have to fight for love, and ultimately discover she herself has become the target of a relentless psychopath. ISBN-10 1453777326 Show More Show Less

  • After barely surviving her last mission, Victoria Schmitt is back with a vengeance and remains dead set on protecting her father by continuing to embrace unimaginable danger. As an agent for the Covert Intelligence Security Operatives, an ultra top secret organization tasked with eliminating high profile human targets who interfere with national interests, Victoria will finally come face-to-face with One Shot, the mysterious and callous head of CISO who's responsible for her continued moral demise. This encounter leads to a new mission in which Victoria finds herself highly motivated to exact revenge on the leader of the Carlucci crime syndicate whose nephew brutally raped her in college. Victoria's ability to focus on the mission is further complicated by dramatic changes in her personal life and the arrival of a former nemesis that is now competing for glory within CISO. Her new found desire to maintain her status as an assassin and overwhelming lust for blood takes Victoria to the edge. If she's not careful, Victoria's passions could lead to her own destruction... ISBN-10: 1463782349